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Unique Wedding Ceremonies

Unity Sand Ceremony

A wedding sand ceremony is a type of unity ceremony. Different colors of sand represent the individual lives of the bride and groom. When poured into a single sand ceremony vase, it is impossible to define the exact point where one layer ends and the next begins... the grains of sand can never be separated. This is a strong and beautiful representation of your life-long commitment to each other. 


Parents and children can be included as well to symbolize the blending of families.

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Rose Ceremony

We can perform a Rose Ceremony. A rose ceremony can add a touch of elegance, romance, and beauty to your ceremony. There are basically two kinds of rose ceremonies. In one, the mothers of the bride and groom are each given a rose. In the second, the bride and groom exchange roses with each other. This is a beautiful option, especially in a garden setting!


Image by Biel Morro

Unity Candle Ceremony

The Unity candle celebration is often part of a wedding ceremony where the participants wish to include a symbolic ceremony to express the joining of their love and commitment to one another.

The celebration includes three candles; two slender tapers on each side of a center unity candle. The two tapers are lit at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. The unity candle remains unlit until the candle celebration takes place.

Using the flames from the two taper candles to light the unity candle, represent a complete merger of two spirits,

two souls and two hearts.

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